A wedding anniversary is a celebration between two people who have pledged a vow to one another in matrimony. There are those who feel this celebration is meant to be between the party of two only, a private affair. There are those on the other hand who feel it’s a time to celebrate with the couple their years of being together. I’m of the mindset of both ways of thinking. I enjoy having an opportunity to express congratulations to the couple for their years of devotion to one another as well as allowing them to celebrate privately. David and Lois Sikes celebrated fifty four years of marriage this last week. When a wedding anniversary is for your parents it’s a time for the family to celebrate their commitment not only to each other but to the family. I’m proud to be a part of their family and wish them many more anniversaries.

Hay! It’s that time again. Busy, busy farmers working the fields. It’s also been a busy harvest season for many local farmers and those who enjoy gardening. I’m enjoying the bountiful harvest shared between family and friends and I’m really getting into this canning business. I hate waste, so this is really making me happy. Happy summer harvest!

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