A Clinton city policeman extending a helping hand turned a bad day into a good one for a young man after a bicycle theft Friday, July 7.

The Green family filed a police report after son Jeremyah Green found his new bicycle, a recent birthday present, missing from their home's carport. City of Clinton Police Sergeant Jay Murdock took the call and filed the report, then checked the area to try and find the bicycle, but was unable to do so.

“I looked all over town,” Murdock said, “some people even wondered what I was doing studying their carports from the street, but I didn't see the bicycle anywhere.”

Instead Murdock went back the next day with a new, replacement, bicycle for Green.

Melissa Green, Jeremyah's mother, spread the word on social media with a Facebook post later that day: “Yesterday was a hard day for Jeremyah as his bike was stolen from our carport. We filed a police report just in case it turned up somewhere. We didn't expect anything, but today Officer Murdock brought a new bike to Jeremyah because the couldn't find his. The police department didn't have to do this for our little boy, but they sure made his day! Thank you Clinton Police Department!”

Police Chief John Willoughby said about Murdock's effort: “He went above and beyond and helped him [Green] out. That's proof of the good officers we have working for Clinton Police.”

Monday a tray of cupcakes and two handwritten letters were delivered to the police department, thanking the police, including officer Murdock, for their help in this matter.

“Just that we are extremely grateful for the Police Department's unexpected generosity. It turned what we thought would be a life lesson for our son into so much more,” Melissa Green said..

[An earlier version of this story headlined “Conway” police came to aid after theft. This was, of course, in error and has been corrected to “Clinton” in the online edition.]