Most reports up this way talk of good garden productivity. Tomatoes, beans and squash are being harvested although no reports of okra ready yet. With the fullness of summer upon us that should happen quickly. Watching the moonrise the other night I suddenly had an urge to turn around. Switching on my flashlight I discovered a copperhead slithering by within three feet of my sandaled feet and bare legs. On the other side of it, equally close, was one of my dogs sleeping. I marveled at the snake’s supreme confidence as it had to know we were both there since as a pit viper it can see heat signatures in the dark. I guess it was about its business of finding a meal and knew neither of us qualified. They sure are pretty snakes.

“Blooms of Note” going on now include purple aster and resurrection lily. This lily is a member of the amaryllis family. It’s leaves sprout and grow in spring, then die back in June. About a month or so later large, pink and fragrant flowers suddenly spring quickly from the ground in dramatic fashion earning it other common names such as surprise lily, magic lily and naked ladies.

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