Summer is wrapping up, last minute vacations are coming to a close and school shopping has begun. I was so very happy to sneak in a quick trip to Missouri to see my son, daughter in law and their two precious girls. I forgot how much I love to fly and I was like a little kid when I saw the Chicago skyline, I was so excited. I have some very fond memories of Chicago and family reunions in Ottawa, Illinois. People watching at the airport is always entertaining and why they fly you to Chicago when your destination is Missouri is beyond me but the trip was just a part of the fun. I had a great visit and was so happy to come home to a little bit cooler weather.

Bears have been sighted in the area so please take care when confronting any wild animal. We have been startled by a bear in the yard on several occasions. Never corner a bear, especially a Mama bear and her cubs. Bears will protects themselves and their cubs if they feel threatened. Problems that arise with any wildlife should be reported to the Game and Fish Commission.

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