1 supply box 5x8

1 package of #2 pencils

2 boxes of Crayola 24 ct crayons

8 Elmer’s glue sticks

2 bottle Elmer’s white glue

1 pair Fiskar pointed scissors

2 package of dry erase markers

1 regular backpack- no rollers

2 boxes of baby wipes

1 tub of Clorox wipes

1 box of Kleenex

1 box Ziploc bags (boys- gallon, girls-quart)

1 bottle Germ-x

First Grade

2 boxes 24 ct only Crayola crayons

10 glue Sticks

Fiskar Scissors

2 packages pencil top erasers

1 package highlighters (boys only)

Supply box (no bigger than 5 1/2x8)

8 BLACK fine tip EXPO dry erase markers

24 pencils (Ticonderoga or USA Gold brand only)

3 3-prong plastic folders (blue, red, yellow)

1 box Crayola markers (girls only)

2 boxes of Kleenex

1 box of baby wipes

Clorox cleaning wipes

1 box “zippered” storage bags (quart-boys gallon-girls)

Personal earbuds or headphones

Second Grade

2 box Crayola crayons

2 boxes pencils(Ticonderoga brand only)

2 packages pencil top erasers

Fiskar scissors

2 70 ct wide ruled noteboks

1 packaage of loose leaf paper

1 package 12 glue sticks

3 plastic pocket folders

1 school box (no bigger then 5x8)

5 dry erase markers

2 clorox wipes

Girls-1 box gallon zip lock bags

Boys-1 package of multicolored highlighters

1 1” binder

2 boxes tissues

Third Grade

24 #2 Ticonderoga pencils

1 package of pencil top erasers

1 pair of Fiskar type scissors

1 package of colored pencils(optional)

8 glue sticks

12 inch ruler with cm

1 box of 24 ct crayons

4 package WIDE ruled paper

Notebook paper

1 small pencil box

4 comp notebooks (all black)

3 pens (red,blue,black)

1 package assorted color highlighters

2 plastic folders with brads

1 2” binder with clear cover page

2 spiral notebooks

1 package Kleenex

Quart size baggies(girls)

Gallon size baggies(boys)

Clorox wipes(girls)

Baby wipes(boys)

Fourth Grade

36 #2 pencils

4 packages of wide ruled paper

1 package of highlighters

Cap erasers

Colored pencils

Glue sticks or liquid glue


4 folders with brads

2 comp notebooks

3 ring binder(the one with the shoulder strap works best)

Subject dividers for binder

Supply box or pencil pouch


3 packages of kleenex

Germ-X (boys)

clorox wipes(girls)

Fifth Grade

#2 pencils Ticonderoga

2 packages of pencil top erasers

Red ink pens

Highlighters- multi color pack

2 comp notebooks

3 packages of wide rulednotebook paper

1 package of 5 tabbed dividers

2” binder

1 folderwith brads and pockets

1 school box

Zippered pouch

Glue sticks

Earbuds for Chrome Books

1 box of 24 Crayols crayons(no colored pencils)

Scissors- optional

Sticky notes 3x3 size

2 boxes kleenex

Germ-X (boys)-Clorox wipes(girls)

Note: Ticonderoga pencils are the best, lower priced pencils are difficult to sharpen