City of Clinton Police officers recently recovered a car stolen from Iowa during an early-morning Highway 65 traffic stop.

In the report, an officer on patrol found himself behind a blue Chevrolet Impala moving south on Highway 65, at 18 minutes after midnight, Tuesday, July 25, near KFC. As the officer closed on the car it pulled into a nearby driveway. The officer drove on.

As he did so he saw the Impala pull back out onto 65, now going in the opposite direction. He turned and followed the car, which pulled into a second driveway as he gained on it. The officer passed it again, and as he watched the car pulled back out, now going in its original direction on 65. The officer gained on it again, and now saw its brake lights were not working. The officer did a traffic stop on the car.

In the car was the driver and a second man, both of whom told the officer they didn’t have ID with them. They each gave the officer their names and birthdates, the driver’s being “Keith Gray.” They gave the officer a bill of sale for the car, with the name the passenger gave, “Darren Ray,” on it, telling the officer he had just bought the car.

They told the officer they were pulling into driveways because they were looking for a friend’s house, per the report.

The officer noted the 2002 Impala was sold to the man, per the bill of sale, for $300. He asked the man about the figure and the man replied, per the report, “he really didn’t know why it was three hundred.”

As the officer was calling in the information from the men, a second officer got permission to search the car. Inside he found two signed blank checks for a restaurant corporate account. He also found an ID for an Anthony Liles. The officer called out “Anthony?” and the driver of the car responded “Yes?” despite that not being the name he had given officers.

Per the report: “I looked at Mr. Gray and asked him why he had lied to me. He stated ‘I just didn’t want to go to jail,’” admitting his real name was Anthony Liles.

The officer encouraged Liles to be more forthright, and the man admitted he was pulling off in driveways because “… I didn’t want to go to jail,” per the report.

With the Lile’s actual ID, the officer called it in and found the man had a suspended driver’s license. He was arrested for same. A check of the car’s VIN revealed it had been stolen out of Iowa. With this, the passenger Darren Ray was arrested for theft by receiving. They were both jailed.