A state trooper spotting speeding cars on Highway 65 led to two arrests recently.

Per the arrest affidavit, the incident began at 11:38 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 1, when an Arkansas State Trooper going north on 65, just south of Bee Branch, spotted a car and a pickup truck southbound and speeding. He was not able to clock them until they were almost past, showing them to be doing 80 mph in the 60 mph zone. The officer made a U turn to catch the car and truck.

As the officer turned, he saw could of dust, showing where vehicles left the highway and turned into a truck yard north of Damascus. The trooper pulled in, but both vehicles were now abandoned, parked side by side. He notified the sheriff’s office as to what was taking place, that the drivers had apparently “fled on foot,” per the report.

A check of the license plates, both Missouri, showed the truck to be listed as stolen out of Missouri and the car having a license plate registered to another make and year model vehicle.

Meanwhile a Damascus officer arrived and began searching for the pair who had fled, a few minutes later calling that he found two people near the truck shop. The trooper joined the officer, and the pair were handcuffed and taken into custody, a man and woman.

Each gave a name and birthdate, the man, Wesley Edward Morgan, 23, telling officers he was not driving, that the person who was driving - giving the officer’s a name - was still on the run. He described what the man was wearing and deputies began searching the area for that man. The woman told officers they were on their way to Little Rock to “see someone,” per the affidavit.

When the woman was told her name with birthdate could not be found in the system, she gave the officers a second birthdate, a year later. The woman told police the man with her had been driving the car, to which the reporting officer noted “but the driver’s seat was pushed all the way to the steering wheel. She later admitted to driving the car,” the affidavit stated.

A deputy took the pair to jail and the car and truck were searched prior to being taken for impound. In the car officers found a .22 pistol “and methamphetamine related drug paraphernalia,” under the front seat. Two forms of ID were also found for the name “Ashlyn N. Edmonds,” as well as a notebook on the front seat with that name in the front. The woman would not admit that was her name until she was taken to the fingerprint scanner during the booking process at which time she admitted that was her name.

At the jail as the two were being taken from the deputy’s patrol car he told them the car had been searched prior to putting them in it, and if anything was found where they had been sitting they would be charged. The man admitted to having put the keys to the pickup truck under the seat. Under the seat where the woman had been sitting officers found a small plastic bag with a white pill in it, later tested and found to be morphine. Drug Task Force investigators were called, and interviewed the suspects.

In the course of the interview the pair admitted to having stolen both the car and the truck in Springfield, Mo. earlier that day, and were going to turn the vehicle over to the woman’s boyfriend in Little Rock. The woman, Edmonds, 18, admitted to knowing the drugs and gun were in the car, but the gun was not hers, she told the investigator, the affidavit stated.

Edmonds was found to have felony warrants out of Missouri. Both are currently being held in the Van Buren County jail on $5,000 bond each for felony Theft by Receiving, felony Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, misdemeanor Fleeing, and Speeding, with Edmonds the addition of a felony hold for the state of Missouri.