An area man is currently being held in Green Bay, Wisc. on $50,000 cash bond, charged with sexual contact with an 11 month old child.

The man, Derek Gates, 37, was in Wisconsin for work when he was arrested. Reports have him arrested after the child was brought to the emergency room at the local hospital Wednesday morning, July 28, when an injury was observed. Hospital staff were told the child exhibited no injury the night before. Examination revealed injury in line with what would take place during a sexual assault and police were contacted by hospital staff. 

Gates and the mother both denied any inappropriate contact with the child. Child protective services in Wisconsin is involved in the matter. Mother and child were also visiting the area, having travelled there to see Gates, the three reportedly sharing a motel room. Gates was not related to the child. 

Gates was also charged with possession of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. 

Details of the police investigation are scant, as the matter is still under investigation, per a statement from Green Bay Police this afternoon. 

When the $50,000 bond was set, Gates was also assigned to have no contact with the mother and child, nor any unsupervised contact with minors.