Animal control was the biggest topic at the most recent Clinton City Council meeting Thursday, Aug. 10. The council also funded equipment for the water department.

In animal control, the council was introduced to the new county Animal Control Officer, Tim Pike, recently hired for that position. Pike had questions for the council about the city’s animal control ordinances, including the requirements to register pets in the city.

The council acknowledged the city had a license requirement in place for some time, but it had been enforced loosely in the past. Councilman Jeff Pistole clarified with City Recorder/Treasurer Dena Malone that there was a distinct accounting of fees for animal licensing, and that monies from that fee would be used for the animal control account. Councilwoman Gayla Bradley reminded that the monies recently used for the animal control officer position never went to the city, but straight to the animal control officer county budget.

Animal Control issues continues as Lori Treat presented to the council, explaining that the shelter was currently full, and renovations were currently underway in order to provide more space. Shelter infrastructure issues were also in question, with Treat disclosing a quote currently in place to provide heating and cooling for the shelter, above its current use of fans. Such an upgrade would require insulation of the building, and Treat said she planned to asked the council, as well as the Quorum Court, for $1,000 each to help fund such a project. The money would go along with what she would gain through fundraising.

The shelter’s latest fundraiser, a music in the park event, raised $1,228, Treat said.

Water and Sewer Department head Dickie Hink presented issues there, including the need to repair or replace a pump at the lake. The same repair in 2014 cost $128,000 Hink said. He anticipated the money for this to come from the department’s depreciation fund, the same source of funding for a recent $25,000 sediment pond cleanup.

Hink did ask the board to fund, specifically calling out from city sales tax revenue, $68,000 for a new tractor. After some debate as to the particular source in city holdings for the money the expense was approved unanimously by the board.

Hink had no further information on the possible takeover of Dennard Water Association.

In other council matters:Plans are underway for the Yellowjacket Steak-Out Aug. 26., a fundraiser for the Clinton football team with prepared steaks, donated by Goode’s Cashsaver, supporting the event.City of Clinton Mayor Richard McCormac announced plans for a work session regarding the fire-tax quarter cent proposal, due for vote in November.The council, including McCormac thanked Tim Clark, zoning head, for his work for the city. The city had hired Phillip Ellis to replace Clark in that role, it was announced.Economic Development is currently working with several agencies in order to create a unified marketing effort and theme for the city and the region, Jessica Crabtree said.