Four people were arrested Thursday, Aug. 10, at an area motel after Clinton Police were called to Walmart about a theft just before 6 a.m.

Per the incident report, police were called to Walmart after a man fled from the store after being confronted about stealing by a loss prevention store associate. As he ran across the parking lot toward the nearby Super 8 motel, he dropped a pair of shoes and several CO2 cartridges. An officer spoke with a store manager and was given a description of the man, including what he was wearing and a list of the stolen items, including a chain wallet, CO2 cartridges and a CO2 BB gun.

The officer went to the motel where a witness told him about a man who matched the description given by Walmart running by and going up the steps toward a second-floor room. The officer checked with the front desk about guest on the second floor, and found two adjoining rooms had been rented to a woman whose name he recognized.

The officer went upstairs and found an empty CO2 cartridge box lying there, then went toward the room he suspected and found outside of it the merchandise tag for a wallet. Here the officer saw someone peek out from a room, through the window blinds, then close the blinds quickly, followed by the sound of a deadbolt being set. The officer called for the Chief of Police, John Willoughby, to be apprised of the situation, and continued his investigation, per the report.

The officer knocked on the door to the room where the deadbolt had been thrown, several times, with the door being opened by a woman. To the officer’s request she let him search the room, which had her and two other people, her husband and her son, within. They had been there all day, the woman told the officer.

The officer knocked on the second door, the second of the two suspected rooms. A woman answered who told him her father and husband were the only people in the room. The officer was allowed to look in here as well, finding a small scale and cigarette rolling papers as well as a small plastic bag with some pills in it.. The man in the room said the pills were his and the scale was there for his cooking, and the officer arrested him and put him in the back of a patrol car, charged with possession of a controlled substance. This was the first arrest, of James Long, 24, of Clinton.

The officer returned to the first room, the woman there repeating that nobody had come into the room. The officer checked with the woman’s parole officer, and she was taken to the Sheriff’s office for a urine test. A deputy took her to jail. As the officer continued the investigation had found the box for a CO2 pistol in a trash can in the motel’s breeze way.

With this, and some consideration, the officer asked a deputy to help search under the beds in the rooms. In the first room nothing was found. In the second room a man was there, lying on a bed, his sleeping grandson with him. The officer asked the man, Mitchell Harmon, 55, of Scotland, to get off the bed and the man initially declined, then did so, leaving the sleeping 19 month old child behind.

Officers looked under that bed and spotted a man there. Officers had Harmon take the grandchild from the bed as they lifted the mattresses from the bed frame, the man under the bed cursing at the officers and refusing to come out. Initial concerns were made worse as the man under the bed, Keith Ring, 24, of Clinton, was holding a CO2 pistol which looked like a large caliber revolver. The deputy pinned the man, then used his Taser to encourage the man to come out from under the bed frame.

The man continued to resist, and after some wrestling police and deputies were able to handcuff Ring. Searching Ring, they found items matching the Walmart theft, including a wallet and CO2 cartridges in his pockets. Next to him under the bed was a chainsaw, apparently stolen from the bed of a truck parked at the motel shortly before police arrived.

Ring reportedly continued to resist as he was led to a patrol car, apparently in an effort to flee. During this time Ring told the arresting officer and deputy that he was going to have the “Aryan Brotherhood” shoot up their houses, the report stated. There and later at jail he told police he should have shot them when they first arrived, the report stated.

Total arrests were Ring, charged with Terroristic Threatening, Child Endangerment, Resisting Arrest and Theft of property (two counts), Kayla Harmon, 30, of Scotland, daughter of Mitchell Harmon and person who answered the door at the first motel room, for Child Endangerment, Obstruction of Governmental Operations and Hindering Apprehension, Mitchell Harmon for Hindering Apprehension, and Sheila Brown, 48, of Morrilton, who answered the door in the second motel room, with Obstruction of Governmental Operations.