Update: Aug. 30, 11 a.m.

From the National Weather Service Little Rock, this morning: "The remnants of Tropical Storm Harvey were FINALLY moving away from Texas this morning. Harvey made landfall in southwest Louisiana, and was headed slowly to the northeast.

As Harvey approaches Arkansas, rain will become widespread across the southeast half of the state through Wednesday night.

Two to three inches of rain and localized flash flooding will be possible across the far southeast. This includes areas southeast of Hermitage (Bradley County) to Monticello (Drew County) and DeWitt (Arkansas County).

Rain will continue on Thursday in the southeast before Harvey exits toward the Tennessee Valley. By Friday, drier and calmer conditions will be noted, with the concern for hazardous weather becoming low this weekend into early next week."

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Update: Aug. 29, 2 p.m.

Harvey is expected to make its second landfall in Texas today (and may have done so as this is written). 

Arkansas remains north of the affected area, with the storm center projected to stay south of the state for all but the very southeast corner. 

Rain, however, could well be an issue Thursday and Friday, although as with projections to date the worst of which will remain well to the south of Van Buren County. See the attendant weather map. 

The weather service continues to caution that the storm's path could still change, and with it the potential for heavier rain. Tornados are possible to the east of the storm as it passes through the state, but they are expected 0 if the occur at all - to be short lived. Still, tornados demand caution. 

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 Update: Aug. 28 late morning:

National Weather Service Little Rock is forecasting rain - heavy at times - to reach the county Wednesday and Thursday with chances diminishing to 20 percent by Saturday. 

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Hurricane Harvey, anticipated to make landfall in Texas this weekend, is expected to have minimal immediate impact on north-central Arkansas weather.

Harvey, which will bring major rainfall to the Texas coast, will have rain impact into Arkansas, beginning with its southwest corner late Sunday. Further rainfall is expected into the Van Buren County area, but current projections - per the forecast from the National Weather Service Little Rock office - have rain less than 2 inches expected.

Wind effect is currently not expected to reach Arkansas.