From the Van Buren County Democrat archives:

August 29, 1913

The Missouri and N.A. Railroad announced it would help the county in construction of the Shirley-Clinton-Scotland Highway. Along the route women were expected to cook, so the workers could stop for dinner, and children would proceed ahead of the crews and equipment, tossing rocks out of the way.

The lead story, a drawing, was a presentation of the latest lady's hat fashion from Paris. Hats were turned up on one side with a floral decoration.

Sept. 2, 1965

Two escapees from the local jail, both from Chicago and being held for narcotics, were caught Sunday when bloodhounds from the state prison were used to track the pair.

Bacon was 73 cents a pound at A G Super Market

Sept. 4, 1996

A record 20,000 attended the Chuckwagon races, with a notable increase in bottom campers. Sunday racing was more treacherous due to a Saturday night rain, which made the course muddy.

Firefighters put out a car fire at the school. A teacher's car caught fire as she started it to leave. Foam was used.