A woman with multiple warrants led to a struggle with a Van Buren County Deputy Aug. 29 at Southside school.

In the arrest affidavit, the deputy reported that a woman, Lisa Sliffe, 40, of Damascus “had warrants and would be at South Side School at 1 p.m.” The deputy spoke with a Greenbrier police officer who said that department had been looking for the woman “for over a year,” per the affidavit.

In the arrest affidavit: The deputy arranged to find out when Sliffe would be in the school office and when there would be no children around. Once he got this word the deputy walked into the office, telling her she had multiple warrants, which Sliffe denied and then tried to run out the door. The officer cornered her, telling her she was going to be put in handcuffs, and Sliffe responded - in graphic detail - that she needed to use the lady’s room. The officer responded that she was going to be handcuffed. Sliffe was put in handcuffs.

As they were then leaving the office Sliffe tried to twist away from the officer. The struggle continued as they left the building and were outside. At this point the deputy called for an additional officer to assist with the struggling woman as he put her on the ground. At this point, the deputy reported, Sliffe tried to bite him several times, and scratched his wrist, all while screaming “and cussing very loud.”

The deputy got some help, putting Sliffe in leg shackles, then additional help as a Damascus Police officer arrived. Arrangements were made for Sliffe to be transferred to Greenbrier at the Damascus Police Station. On the way from South Side to Damascus the deputy reported the woman kept banging her head on the patrol car’s window. Once at Damascus she tried to run again getting out of the car, and was able to slip one wrist from the handcuffs. Again a struggle ensued with the woman holding on to the deputy’s Taser for a portion of it.

Ultimately the woman was turned over to a Greenbrier officer.

“I have a round mark on my right arm and not sure if it was a bite mark,” the deputy’s report concluded.

At press time it was reported Sliffe, who showed to be held in the Faulkner County Jail, was being transferred to the Van Buren County jail for additional felony charges.