Arkansas State Land Commissioner John Thurston announced Tuesday that the auction of tax-delinquent Van Buren County properties collected nearly $128,000.

The properties, 32 parcels which drew 32 bidders, drew $127,928.63. This money goes to both the state and county. Money returned to the county matches what the county would have earned had the taxes been up-to-date, plus interest, Thurston stated. In 2016 the county received over $130,000 through this process.

The auction for tax delinquent lands, takes place once per year. Thurston stated in most cases a settlement is reached with property owners who are in tax arrears by them paying back what is due, and the property never goes to auction.

Lands up for auction, as well as a post-auction sales list, may be reviewed at the Commissioner of State Lands website: The list at the website includes parcels which did not sell at auction.