Air Evac Lifeteam has been servicing this region with emergency medical transportation since their founding 1985. It has a base in West Plains Missouri and with their base opening in Vilonia in 2003 they have been providing local coverage for Clinton and Van Buren County for the past 14 years. Their founding of Air Evac in 1985 was to serve the rural Missouri Ozark area. Although air ambulances had been primarily based in metropolitan areas at the time, the company’s founders believed that the people who needed air medical transport the most were those living in rural areas. Air Evac now focuses on providing services to the medically underserved areas of rural America - often being those rural areas which other air ambulances may not adequately service or may not look at servicing. As the company has grown and evolved since 1985, it has remained true to its original mission a patient first focus and providing coverage where advanced or critical care access may be limited or nonexistent.

Air Evac provides emergency medical and critical care to all patients in the field and interfaculty setting. Air Evac utilizes a Paramedic/Nurses configuration this allows the different medical backgrounds to work together by bringing a separate set of skills and experience to the workplace. The prehospital background of the paramedic complements the critical care experience of the nurse. Each are equally trained to provide the best care possible and operates under the same set of protocols. A major advantage to the use of critical care air medical transport is the ability to provide advanced care prior to and during transport, at a level of sophistication previously available only in a regional referral center’s emergency and critical care units. Each medical crew has a minimum of 3 years clinical experience, with the average being 12 and 13 years respectively.

Air Evac currently operates 320 bases in 39 states with our local coverage area being thirteen counties in Central and North Central Arkansas. Our local Air Evac representative Nikki Murdock is based out of Vilonia and resides in the Quitman area. Nikki is local to the area; she was born in Damascus and has never made it 30 miles one way or the other from home. A graduate of South Side Bee Branch School she knows our community and is proud to call it home. If you are interested in providing air medical transportation coverage for your family you can set up an appointment by contacting Nikki at 501-428-6861.