The weather’s been a little warm lately but not too warm to spend some time hunting up bargains and things I just can’t live without at the annual JunkFest in Marshall. I would love to have a bumper sticker that says “I brake for turtles and yard sales”.

A quick shower this week cut down the dusty road that accumulates on my back window making it near impossible to see out the back of my vehicle. I’m afraid if we don’t get some rain and cooler temperatures soon it won’t be a very colorful October. Oh and just one more “whine” for the week, washboards are better left as a memory of past laundry chores than referring to a dirt road that you have to drive over every day. Ugh! I think I shook a few teeth loose, what a chore to keep this from happening.

The Sikes family is happy to have our son and brother Randy and his family back in the beautiful state of Arkansas. Looking forward to having them closer to home.

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