Hot Springs Village police department made routine public assists and welfare checks, and worked a wide variety of other reported incidents.

Sept. 29
After consulting with the Garland County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, officers went to the Cervia Lane home of a jail inmate who reportedly refused to provide information after police received reports of the inmate’s cat not receiving care following his Sept. 24 arrest for criminal mischief. Officers found the cat under a bed in a bedroom. The report said the cat litter box was full, and there was very little food left out for the cat, but there was water. The cat was taken to the animal shelter.
Tomelloso Way residents reported a home break-in. The house was ransacked, items were taken and there was some damage.
An officer delivered a death notification for Michigan State Police to a Lerida Lane home.
Police received a littering complaint involving a juvenile.
A Tomino Way resident heard a strange noise outside the home, which was found to be a sewer alarm.
After a stranger entered a Macotera Place home to ask for a light for his cigarette, the resident became suspicious and called police. The man then sat in a car belonging to the complainant’s neighbor. The visitor told police he had been dropped off and thought he was at a friend’s house. The complainant’s neighbor came home later and told police it was OK for the visitor to be at his home.

Sept. 30
Two golfers visiting a Zarpa Way home were asked to be quieter. They lowered the garage door to help keep the noise down.
West Gate staff reported a Villager was causing a disturbance.
An officer gave traffic control for a stalled vehicle on DeSoto Boulevard, near Los Lagos.
Baena Lane residents reported off-property gunshots.
An officer found an Illinois license plate on Alicante Road.
An officer provided traffic control on DeSoto, near Minorca Road, where furniture in a pickup truck had become loose.
After a report of an erratic driver on Balearic Road, an officer stopped a Ford Taurus. The driver did not appear to be impaired, but was cited for an expired driver’s license.
A complainant said another motorist attempted to tailgate in Glazier Peau Gate, but reportedly left after someone reportedly told the driver to go to the West Gate.
Police received a noise complaint about a wedding reception at Coronado Community Center. The party was packing up when an officer arrived.
Police assisted Garland County Sheriff’s Department with a report of Villagers’ involvement in a reported theft, battery and possible assault.
A purse was found on Calella causeway.
A parked vehicle may have been entered on Destino Way, but nothing appeared to be missing.
Owners of a Playa Place home told police their son had damaged the residence.
After a disturbance at the East Gate, a Galicia Way resident was charged with disorderly conduct. The Villager, who had been in contact with police earlier in the day at the West Gate and at her house, had also reportedly been walking in and out on Highway 5 without regard to passing traffic.
Officers went to a disturbance on Playa Place.
An officer heard several dogs barking inside a Resplandor Court home, and forwarded the report to animal control.

Oct. 2
A Jeep and a Ford Ranger collided at the intersection of Balboa Road and Letrista Drive. (Damage: Ranger, $3,000).
A Pizarro Drive resident reported the theft of four Canadian geese decoys and an outdoor table. Loss: $250.
A Vuesta Lane resident said she has been walking her dog with a shock collar, but she would start using a leash.
A motorist told police he collided with a deer on DeSoto Boulevard, near Ensenada Lane. Damage: $300.
A Toyota Camry and a Chevrolet Malibu collided when both were backing up at the same time at the HSV Visitor’s Center. Damage: Toyota, $400; Chevrolet, $300.
A ball bearing hurled by a slingshot appeared to have broken a Pizarro Drive window.
An officer went to an Aspe Lane disturbance between two roommates.

Oct. 3
A 2006 Mazda Miata ran off Balearic Road, near Ponderosa. Damage: $5,000.
A blue Ford Mustang with a tan top sped through the West Gate, staff said.
A Pontiac Grand Am and Chrysler van collided on Cortez Way. Damage: $300 each.
A found bicycle was turned in at the police station.
Alicante Lane residents reported the theft of a power washer. It has a Briggs & Stratton engine.
A deer died after a collision on DeSoto at Ponce de Leon.

Oct. 4
An officer went to a 911 hangup call on Majorca Drive. LifeNet was on the scene.
A Sonora Way owner said tenants had stolen a maple dresser and a wood cabinet with tin doors.
A stray dog was reportedly loose on Dulzura Way
A motorist reported a small piece of concrete hit his vehicle on Ponce de Leon. He believes an unknown person threw it.