Volunteers will make a difference Saturday, Oct. 14 for Village Pride Day. Friends of Hot Springs Village, and its Village Pride Council, organize this event three times each year. The Village Pride Council is comprised of 20 Hot Springs Village clubs, groups, and churches, and they are assisted by numerous Property Owners’ Association employees.
Many of the volunteers will gather in the ReMax parking lot or at the Coronado Center at 7:30 a.m. Saturday for coffee and a doughnut, or to pick up safety vests and refuse bags.
"Even if you can’t spare the time to volunteer for Village Pride Day, you can still make a huge difference.
First, secure your potential litter in your vehicles and trailers. And remember that Village roads are not an ashtray. Also, we always appreciate the people that pick up as they are on their daily walks in the Village. Finally, watch out for the volunteers walking on the shoulders," organizers say.
As the Village has more than 500 miles of roads,new clubs, groups, and churches to help are always sought. For more information, contact Diane Bielanski at 630-880-3688 or John Tidquist at 501-282-0039. You can also send an email to Bielanski at dbielanski@sbcglobal.net.