I so enjoy the positive letters Jim McClanahan takes the time to write. Always a good reminder to be grateful for all we enjoy in our community. At this point in time, the real estate market is improving, the lawsuit against the POA is nearing a decision and many baby boomers whose investment portfolios have rebounded are ready to retire.
Regardless of what the future brings, there must be a plan in place. We certainly have many talented, willing professionals here in HSV. Many have served in years past, on committees with the goal of creating a viable master plan, but we required a more comprehensive, all-inclusive approach. Crafton Tull has crafted a proposal that encompasses what we need for long-range guidance and growth.
We property owners demand transparency, but when our CEO and board invite us to a committee meeting to listen to ideas concerning the direction for the Master Plan, only about 10 people attend.
The committee members comprise an impressive group of people who are willing to dedicate months of work to monitor  progress and help with the implementation of the 2017 Master Plan. Where are all of the property owners?  We are invited to sit down in a conference room to review contracts and proposals, and even fewer property owners show up. To all of you who have concerns about the 2017 Master Plan, put down your pens and do your homework before that next discouraging letter reaches property owners and future neighbors.
Even better, attend upcoming committee meetings and the planned sessions that have been carefully written into the contract to include property owner participation. It’s time to work together so we can all continue to enjoy livin’ the dream.

Mary Ann Kennedy
Hot Springs Village