Tester Veterinarian Clinic is your solution for your veterinarian needs small and large. Dr Ralph Tester a lifelong resident began as a veterinarian or veterinarian assistant at a young age. Dr Tester was raised on their family farm in the small community of Copeland located out 16 West in between Crabtree and Rupert. Growing up on a farm Dr. Tester had been exposed to livestock throughout his childhood and at that time there was no local veterinarian available so a lot of the medical duties were done in-house. Dr. Tester recalled as a young man he was called upon to assist with the calving of a cow and that was the spark needed to set him on the path of becoming a veterinarian. Ralph graduated from Clinton High School in 1974 and enrolled at Arkansas Tech the following fall. He spent the following years completing his understudy and would enroll at Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine where he would get his license to practice.

Dr. Tester did not take long coming home after graduation he began his career working with Dr. Mays for a couple of years before he would open his own practice in ‘83. In 1983 Tester rented and old house that used to stand across from Walmart and serviced large animals from that location until 88. From there Dr. Tester constructed the building that currently houses the animal shelter as his veterinarian clinic and operated out of that location until 2002. Tester Veterinarian Clinic currently located in the old Kerr McGee station at 960 Highway 65 B and recently had its two year anniversary at this location.

Tester Veterinarian Clinic can service your pet or livestock needs. They offer services ranging from vaccinations, spayed and neutering, dental cleaning, outpatient clinic, minor medical treatments, coggins test, heard vaccinations, pregnancy checking, bull breeding soundness check, farms calls, to nail trims. You can not only find Dr Tester at his office but also active throughout the community either at the sale barn on Saturdays or playing major roles in the Flame riders and the Christmas Parade. Contact Tester Veterinarian Clinic at 745-4939 and let Dr. Tester, Kali, or Wylie assist you in your pet or livestock needs.