A Scotland man is currently held without bond in the Van Buren County jail after what was classified as a “frantic” 911 call Oct. 30.

A deputy on patrol received a call from dispatch about a call from a “frantic sounding caller” at a Scotland address, with whom they then lost contact, dispatch told him. While enroute to the address dispatch called the deputy again to report they were back in touch with the caller, who was waiting nearby her home, where she had made the initial 911 call. She had come home and found an “unknown male” in her home, the deputy was told.

The officer met with the woman parked near the home, who described the man she saw, who had “come out of her residence when she pulled into the driveway,” the report stated. The man started screaming at her as she pulled up, she told the deputy, he reported. The woman left and called 911.

The deputy went to the home and found the front door open. He checked inside, but nobody was in the house. As he came back out a pickup passed the house, the passenger matching the description of the man the woman had given him. The officer caught up with the truck as it was turning around in a nearby driveway, ordering the passenger to get out.

As the deputy did so, the passenger began screaming at the driver to “Go!” the deputy reported. The officer pulled his gun and told the driver to stay where he was and put his hands on the roof of the truck. He did so. The passenger, however, refused to show his hands and tried to jump out of the truck and run to the house the deputy had just left. The officer holstered his gun and grabbed the man, who then turned around and hit him, per the report. The deputy took him to the ground.

The man kept fighting, even while on the ground. The deputy used his Taser but the man kept fighting. The deputy triggered the Taser again, but the man continued to fight, he reported. As he did so the officer was able to grab one arm, get it in handcuffs, then the second arm. As he did so a State Trooper arrived to assist.

The man the deputy handcuffed, Tylor Shane Black, 27, of Scotland, was taken to the hospital to have his injuries - mostly minor cuts and scrapes - checked over.

“Mr. Black was still hostile at the hospital and was not cooperative with hospital staff,” the deputy reported. Staples were applied to a 1 inch cut on his leg, then he was taken to jail.

There Black was booked on charges of Residential Burglary, Aggravated Assault, Use of Physical Force in Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct and Public Intoxication. A parole hold was placed on him and he is being held without bond.

The deputy’s report concluded that Black told him he was in the house because “the residence was possessed and Satan and Jesus ordered him to cleanse the residence.”