A 100 mph car chase resulted in a Van Buren County Deputy, working with two Clinton Police officers, recovering a stolen car and a Oklahoma woman in jail on $7,500 bond.

The deputy reported that on Wednesday, Nov. 8, at 10:30 p.m. he was at the Botkinburg VFD on Highway 65 north of Clinton “running radar.” As he did so he clocked a red SUV going by southbound toward Clinton at 88 mph. The officer turned on his blue lights, and with that the SUV accelerated to 100 mph. The officer pursued, he reported, siren and lights on.

As he was pursuing, the deputy reported seeing the SUV pass an 18 wheeler as they passed by Steve’s Stone, on a blind curve, crossing the double-yellow line to do so. As they continued toward Clinton the officer saw the SUV pass another car, again crossing the double-yellow line to do so.

The officer was radioing in this progress, and at the bottom of the hill by Highway 16 two Clinton officers waited. He and the SUV closed on the city at 100 mph, the deputy reported, with the SUV swerving and “narrowly missing” the concrete lane divider at the Highway 16 intersection. It continued on 65, still at 100 mph, as it came into Clinton, finally slowing to “about 58 mph” as it passed Lefler Estates. With this a Clinton police car pulled up on either side of it, the deputy to the rear in a “rolling road block” maneuver, per the report.

Officers still had to maneuver as the SUV swerved, trying to hit the police cars. The three cars were able to slow and stop the SUV. The deputy reported getting out with his gun drawn on the SUV driver, as a Clinton officer pulled the woman from the car and laid her on the ground, handcuffing her.

The woman, Ashley Denise Haviland, 34, had a partially consumed bottle of “small travel bottle of Fireball Whiskey” in her pants pocket. She was listed on the report as “homeless,” but the jail record shows her from Hoiny, Okla. She was taken to jail. On the way she admitted to the officer she had “once clean unused needle” in her jacket pocket.

At the jail she was searched and two needles were found, along with a small bag of marijuana in her jacket pocket.

Officers, meanwhile, called in the Missouri license plate on the car and could not get a return. They called in the car’s VIN and found it had been stolen from Springfield, Mo. Officers searched the car, noticing some light marijuana residue around the driver’s seat, and found a purse. The ID in the purse belonged to a Missouri woman. Further inspection revealed the same woman’s name on cards and items in the purse, along with $167 in cash.

The car was towed for impound.

Officers soon received a call confirming the car had been stolen from a Springfield, Mo. woman, the purse belonging to her mother, which held $200 at the time of its loss.

Haviland is currently held in the Van Buren County jail on $7,500 bond, charged with fleeing, reckless driving, theft by receiving, assault on a law enforcement officer, possession of drugs and paraphernalia, and disregarding signals.