Thanksgiving gatherings are planned by a lot of folks up this way. Several extended families will be putting on big shindigs, so there’ll be a lot of comings and goings on 16 West. Remember, it’s more important to arrive safely than quickly.

Eddy Williams had time to talk the other day. Due to his country friendly and helpful nature I think of him as the best neighbor I ever had. Anyway, he gave me the full story on his old house’s mold problem and how it affected his health. He credits his recovery to oregano oil, tea tree oil and a Neti pot for nasal irrigation. He has become a fountain of knowledge about natural health remedies. He’s worth listening to if you get a chance.

Demonstration runs in Louis Jackson’s sugar cane field went well with his cottonpicker turned sugarcane picker and processor. But due to the drought there was no juice in the stalks. He said, “The insides were like dry sponges. I guess irrigation is the next step. I’ve got the the pump, just need to run water lines.”

So maybe next year we’ll be seeing molasses.

The 16 West Beautification Project “Holiday Edition” is now underway. An early leader for daytime display is Faye Bone’s “Spooky Couple in Carriage” pictured on the front page here a few weeks back. But judging continues until the first day of the new year. So get those decorations and lights up and I’ll mosey on by and take a gander.

If you have info about the greater Crabtree and 16 West community call Jeff Burgess, 745-1249.