Work continues on completing the agreement leading to a hotel being built in Fairfield Bay, the City Council hear at its regular meeting Monday, Nov. 13.

City of Fairfield Bay Mayor Paul Wellenberger confirmed again at press time that the final stages of the agreement between the city and Cobblestone Hotels was still “moving forward” but not at completion as various parties engaged in the process perform the due diligence.

The hotel, upon completion, is anticipated to create a great deal of activity for the city, including increasing the attractiveness of its conference center for events. Currently overnight stays in Fairfield Bay for events such as conferences are booked through various condo rentals, which are not always attractive for those hosting conferences and similar events.

The hotel contract is expected to be signed shortly, Wellenberger said.

Wellenberger had two additional announcements at the meeting. One was that the city would soon engage in a “PR Blitz” advertising its ATV trails. The area has already seen a growing number of ATV enthusiasts coming to town to travel its trails, he said. He also announced the city would begin investigation into a wet-dry vote in the county to permit alcohol sales. Research has started into how other cities were able to accomplish this, Wellenberger said.

The mayor is also working to create a Historic Commision for the city.

In other Fairfield Bay matters at its Nov. 13 meeting, John Foster was sworn in as a council member. Foster, who had served on the council in the past, was replacing Mike Shimoon, who had resigned his position on the council.

Its police department reported is had two immediate projects, the first to being food baskets to area shut ins and those with food insecurity, and second, a planned meeting with area churches to review security.

EMS will soon have Nacan on all its ambulances - used for immediate treatment of narcotics overdoses. The services rates, including mileage rates, are going up for 2018. EMS has already made a record number of runs for the year, the council was told.

OEM is encouraging Fairfield Bay citizens to create “Emergency Backpacks” to provide sustenance in the event of catastrophe.