Those who remember it are always willing to stop and recall its details: The Flood. The Dec. 8, 1982 edition of this paper, or course, covered it in detail, including a photo feature.

The office on Clinton’s square has been painted since then, so you have to know what to look for to see the mark of the almost-to-the-ceiling water level (almost). We’re forced to consider the work it took to put out this edition of the paper. This was years before direct-to-digital as it’s done in today’s world. Film back then had to be developed, plates shot, printer mats waxed in - and all this was being done for a newspaper which had offices underwater days before publication.

And despite all this, they were able to do a rather nice photo-feature of this area-defining event, which we, from our archives, share.

If you’re in town come by and we’ll show you the paper. But be careful, it’s not like we have a lot of copies left.