A sheriff’s department roving saturation on Saturday, Dec. 16, had multiple officers on patrol throughout the county and resulted in several arrests and a weapon confiscation. Department part-time officers as well as 20th Judicial District Drug Task Force (DTF) officers participated.

The saturation had 14 officers out on patrol. During the saturation time, from 6 to 11 p.m. that Saturday, it was not unusual to see several patrol cars in a short period of time.

Van Buren County Chief Deputy Max Young said during the six hour saturation 27 warnings were issued for non-hazardous conditions. Additionally, felony drug arrests were made in two instances, and a sawed-off shotgun was confiscated from one car, its owner charged with criminal use of the weapon. One misdemeanor drug arrest was also made.

Two police dogs were used, one brought by DTF, the second by a part-time deputy recently hired by the department.

Van Buren County can expect more of these saturation patrols to take place in the future, Young said.