Jan Morgan, of Hot Springs, has announced her candidacy for Arkansas Governor Sunday night, New Year's Eve.

Morgan, 54, a Republican, came to national attention in 2014 after announcing her business, the Gun Cave shooting range in Hot Springs, to be a “Muslim-Free Zone,” citing concerns about the safety of her customers.

In the press release announcing her candidacy, Morgan stated: “Before we can seize the opportunities for the future, we must recognize our failures of the past and present. The pathway to recovery begins at our State Capitol, not because our government is the solution to the problems, but because our government is the source of our problems,” with an emphasis on “solution” and “source.”

In the same release, she decries current politicians who “ran as Republicans to get elected” then “began to legislate like democrats to please a progressive governor and his big corporate donors.

She further calls for a reduction in size of state government and lowering corporate tax rates, as well as calling for “government out of our healthcare.” She also states her intent to lower the requirements for carrying guns, referring to the current structure as the governor “selling permission slips” and that being “subject to the interpretation of every prosecuting attorney in every county in the state.”

If elected, Morgan would be the state's first woman governor.