Dale James, of Clinton, announces his candidacy for County Judge. James, 48, a Republican, has served four consecutive terms on the Van Buren County Quorum Court and has served as the Chairman of the Budget/Finance Committee since 2010.

James and his wife, Amanda, are both lifelong residents of Van Buren County. They have two daughters, Abby and Ashley who both attend Clinton Public School.

James has served on several boards and has been involved with local civic organizations. He has 30 years of leadership experience. James serves as an elder at the Church of Christ in Choctaw.

James outlines his plan for Van Buren County at www.facebook.com/Dale James VBC Judge.

“I will put Van Buren County first,” James says. “I will hire, invest in, and where possible, purchase in Van Buren County.

I will purchase our own rock crusher, a portable one, and use our own gravel on our own roads. The county currently has budgeted over $500,000 to be spent on gravel coming from outside of Van Buren County. This, alone, over the course of a four year term, will bring millions of dollars back to Van Buren County.

I will be Van Buren County’s Salesman in Chief, and tirelessly sell and promote our county to attract jobs and economic growth. The job of County Judge will be my only job as I will have no personal interest in any private endeavor.

I know how to operate within a tight budget and will not support an increase in county tax rates.”

James holds an AAS degree in Business.

“Thank you for your vote and your support.”