I do not know about your house but mine got very cold and the water even froze. I am glad it is going to be warmer and above freezing. We can at least say we had winter, so now I am ready for spring.

Ashley Black and Aaron Biggs will exchange Wedding Vows Saturday Jan. 27 at 2 p.m. The ceremony will be at the Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Church on the Scotland-Formosa Road. Family and Friends are all invited .

Toby Stripling is still in the Children’s Hospital with sever burns and cannot have visitors. I have an address for those of you that would like to send Toby a card (they will post them on his wall so he can enjoy them). Please send them to: Toby Stripling, Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Burn Unit, 1 Children’s Way, Little Rock, Arkansas 72202. This will give him something to look forward to.

We need to support the Scotland Senior Center. They are at the old Scotland School and they serve a hot lunch four days a week and provide games and people to visit with as well as pool tables for the men. We need to improve the attendance so we can keep this service in our community. Lunch is served on Monday through Thursday. Lunch is always ready at 11:45. I can always see someone to visit with and enjoy a good hot lunch. Ya all come.

Ruth Walls, a lovely lady from this community passed away this week and her Memorial service will be at the Scotland Baptist Church on Monday, I think at 2 p.m. This lady will always be remembered with love and good memories.

We saw Sam Black this last week he was not feel very well, but was in good spirits and waiting for his sons to come. He still gets out when he feels like it.

We wish every one a good week and stay warm and dry. If anyone has Scotland News call James Burns at 592-3935 and he will see that it gets into the paper.