A call to Clinton Police from a Walmart bathroom led to the arrest of a Harrison man wanted for parole violation and stealing a luxury SUV.

The man was carrying a BB gun in his jacket pocket when he was arrested.

In the police report, a Clinton officer reported a woman called police Saturday, Jan. 27 at six minutes after noon, reporting she was hiding in the bathroom at Walmart because a man there was stalking her and had admitted to her he had stolen the 2006 Lincoln Navigator they were riding in, currently parked in front of the store.

The officer went to the store and had an employee get the woman from the restroom so he could speak with her, the report said. The woman, a juvenile, repeated what she had said to police over the phone, adding that she had taken all the paperwork from the SUV glovebox before coming into the store and hiding in the bathroom.

She then pointed the professed thief out who had been driving the SUV, standing nearby in the store.

The officer went to the man, Charles Dacheff, 43, from Harrison, who tired to walk away until the officer grabbed him by the arm. He was taken outside where a deputy was waiting, backing up the officer. Before the man was searched he told the officer he had a BB gun in his pocket, which was taken from him. The BB gun had the appearance of a semi-automatic pistol.

Both Dacheff and the woman were taken to jail. There officers found Dacheff had a parole violation and was held, “per his parole officer,” the report stated.

The officer called the SUV owner, in Harrison, who told him Dacheff had come up behind him, the BB gun wrapped in a towel, and held it to his head, telling him to give him the keys or he would kill him. The man had not yet reported the incident to Harrison police and was advised to do so. The SUV was parked at Walmart and the keys would be at the sheriff's office, the man was told.

The woman said she began riding with the Dacheff from Harrison, but upon finding out the SUV was stolen she “didn't want anything to do with him,” per the report. When they stopped she called it in, she said.