I am seeking a third term for the position of Fairfield Bay Mayor.

It has been the biggest honor and privilege of my life to serve our 2,338 citizens and our many visitors as your mayor. Together we have accomplished so much. Fairfield Bay is a city with many wonderful volunteers who give of themselves to make it a very special place.

I have been blessed with a diverse City Council from gender to political points of view. We have robust discussions, intense negotiations, with no hidden agendas, and we support each other. They are not afraid to address the hot issues, make tough decisions, and then move on. They are the type of Council that has great chemistry and gets things done.

We recently completed negotiations to bring a new hotel to Fairfield Bay. One of my major goals will be to see it get built, opened, and operated successfully. We all will need to do everything in our power to fill it. When it is successful, great things will continue to happen to our city.

We have just completed our sixth straight year of increasing revenues in our city, had the most new home starts in 17 years, completed nearly 40 miles of road resurfacing, and continued to receive numerous grants and accolades.

In addition to the new Hotel, we are excited about the new Tiny Homes coming to Fairfield Bay, and the new Osage Point Luxury Townhomes development. We have much to look forward to as our city continues to grow and prosper.

Lastly, I am very proud of our departments. We have great leadership and membership in our Police, 911 dispatch, Fire, Ambulance, Office of Emergency Management, Animal Shelter, Building officials, Planning and Zoning, and Advertising and Promotions Commission. Our Departments of Public Safety are working together as one unit at a level I have never seen. Our Conference Center and Community Education Center are highly acclaimed and offer great visitor experiences. And with Rose Owen as the Clerk/Treasurer and AJ Kelly as our City Attorney, we have clearly outstanding administrative, financial and legal support.

You might say that with the heart of our citizens, the City Council, and the excellence of our departments, I have the best mayor’s job in the State of Arkansas. I would be honored to serve another term.