In a relatively low-key meeting, the City of Clinton City Council reviewed programs currently underway, and began the groundwork for forthcoming changes. Changes, especially, brought comment as the city began laying the groundwork for public comment at its meetings, as well as a review of baseball field policies.

The change to council meeting format came up under new business, as Mayor Richard McCormac presented to the council the need, first, for a resolution establishing meeting rules. McCormac said this had been pointed out by the state Municipal League and was something he wanted to present at the next council meeting. The second was that meeting rules would be the establishment of a public comment period, to provide a period of time for citizens to present their concerns in an orderly fashion.

A discussion of the city baseball fields followed, as McCormac said he would present a resolution for next month’s agenda. The resolution would be to fix fees for field rental and access. Parks head Charles Wilson expressed some concern here, as the fields needed to be centered on the need, “for the kids,” he said.

In a short exchange with McCormac, both agreed that in the current environment tournament players renting the field for the weekend were, at times, keeping youth league players off the fields. This was not, Wilson said, in keeping with the goals of the fields when they were first build.

Several council members joined here, discussing the cost of running lights on the fields for night games, with council member Jason Lynch asking about an outdoor-posted schedule both to avoid confusion and to make sure there was at least one field available for youth players.

The matter was confirmed for next month’s council agenda.

In other council matters:McCormac, during the mayor’s remarks, expressed the need to have more driver testing days in the city, and that the current environment, of two days a week and people in line before the center opened to be assured a spot was “a ridiculous thing.” Plans were initiated to look at additional testing days at the Senior Citizen’s center - where testing is held now - in order to short lines and wait times.The pressure test is currently underway to see if Clinton Water and Sewer will be able to decrease the load on the Pole Yard pump station.Metro Area Bass Tournament is planned for its fist 2018 event take place in March. Weigh in for the event has been held at Archey Park, with competitors launching from Choctaw.The city is preparing press and social media policies for employees. This was met by some skepticism by council members, notably Jeff Pistole.The old Pilgrim’s Pride plant is in the process of being gutted, council members were told.