A sheriff’s office saturation of the Formosa Road area on March 7 resulted in several arrests, including one arrest for child pornography over its six-and-a-half hour duration, Van Buren County Sheriff’s office Chief Deputy Max Young said.

The saturation, by seven officers including Young and a 20th Judicial Task Force K-9 officer involved officers patrolling Formosa Road and backroads in the area, extending as far as Scotland community. Resulting arrests included two for speeding, four criminal arrests, four tickets for hazardous conditions, such as a light out on a car, and 19 warnings.

The saturation began at 5 p.m. and ran until 11:30 p.m.

Over 30 contacts were made with potential violators, Young said. This included five stops were the K-9 officer was called, in one case resulting in a “hit” where drugs were found, resulting in a criminal arrest.

The 20th Judicial Task Force officer was needed again when a tip generated during the saturation led to the arrest of a man in Damascus for possession of child pornography. Young said the man lived on a road which was divided by the county line, his home on the Faulkner County side. This being outside the Van Buren County sheriff’s jurisdiction the 20th Judicial District officer was used to initiate the arrest.

Michael Floyd, 37, whose address is listed as Bee Branch on the arrest affidavit, was taken into custody and jailed for possession of child pornography, one count, a felony. At first appearance on Friday, March 9, Floyd was assigned a $10,000 bond, which he posted, per a department spokesperson.

Saturation patrols such as this as “a great deterrent,” Young said, stating that this was a technique used while he was with the State Police. In this case the Formosa Road and Scotland area was chosen for saturation based on citizen complaints.

“If people are having a problem they need to let us know,” Young said.

The department has run multiple saturations in the past few months, and has seen burglary reports go down during this time, Young said.