The annual Farm Bureau Holiday Menu Contest was conducted on Tuesday, Oct. 30, at the Thriftway Foods Store in Clinton. The contest was open to all the Van Buren County schools’ Family and Consumer Sciences, including the junior high students this year.

The students were greeted by store owner Steve Bone and manager Tom Hogan.

The South Side High School’s FACS students were the Van Buren County contest winner. Those participating were Justin Jerrell, Cody McNeal, Hunter Pennington, Cade Sawyer, Paxton Scott, Trent Rouse and Dylan Byers, accompanied by instructor Lori Rooney. They were awarded $25 to be used for educational projects for the classroom. Rooney said the team of boys won a contest between the students of the Foods and Nutrition Class to represent the school. The students were planning to prepare the foods in class during a meal preparation lab.

Shirley High School FACS students, accompanied by their teacher Marilyn Pond, placed second in the contest. The students participating this year were Ivree Johnson, Kyle Williams, Jemica Head, Candace Piggee, Justin Mapes, and Alicia Pugh. The students were donating their food to the Shirley Food Pantry for a needy family.

The objective of the competition was to see which team could best plan a holiday meal for a family of four. They were judged on the following: staying within a $30 budget and planning a menu that was packed with nutrients, flavor, and eye appeal, including colors, varying textures, sizes, and shapes, as well as, teamwork.

The Farm Bureau Women’s Committee members present to greet and serve the teams were Shirley Andregg and Earlene D. Brecheen. Extension agent Regina Chaney assisted with the judging.