Kindergarten and first-grade students at Shirley Elementary had a special guest to help them celebrate the 100th day of school.

Watson Smith of Shirley, 100 years old, paid a visit to the students and answered questions and told stories to the young audience.

Students prepared in advance by creating questions to ask Smith. After all, it’s not every day you get to meet someone who is 100.

They asked him about when he went to school, his favorite teacher, his birthplace, his job, his childhood toys, and more. One youngster’s question was: "How did you cut your grass?"

Smith explained to the students how he attended school and church in the same building in the Barrens Community, which is between Choctaw and Clinton.

The kids were interested to know that he began the first Agriculture/FFA program at Shirley schools.

But the most shocking fact for the youngsters was that Smith had to walk to school as a child.