Traffic on Highway 65 North was slowed Thursday morning by an accident in front of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

About 7:20 a.m. Dec. 20, Crystal Hendrix, 32, of Leslie was heading to work with her two children in her 2002 GMC pickup. She told Clinton Police Investigator Jim Thomas that traffic in front of her had been stopping as a school bus picked up children along the way. Hendrix said the traffic began to move, then a driver in front of her hit the brakes, so she did, too, according the Thomas’ report.

The vehicle behind Hendrix, a 2008 Mazda driven by Trenity Lane Grimes, 17, of Clinton, hit Hendrix’s pickup, the report said.

The collision disabled Grimes’ vehicle, but Henrix’s was functional, the report said. No one was transported from the scene for medical attention.

In another recent incident in Clinton, Police Officer Eric Koonce stopped a vehicle that was the subject of an alert. The pickup was heading south in the northbound passing lane near Natural Bridge Road, and when Koonce stopped the pickup, the driver came to a halt in the middle of the road, according to his report.

The driver was a 75-year-old woman from Lead Hill and there was a missing persons alert on her. Koonce said the woman was disoriented and confused. Koonce and Van Buren County Deputy David Marriott escorted the woman, who was cold and hungry, to the Detention Center, the report said.

The woman had apparently left Lead Hill five hours earlier, driving 15-20 mph for the entire trip. The pickup’s windows were rolled down and the radio was blaring rock music, and the woman couldn’t figure out how to roll the windows up or turn the radio off, Koonce said.

The woman told Koonce she had left Lead Hill and was heading to Lead Hill. She was given a blanket and food while her husband came to pick her up. He told police his wife has Alzheimer’s Disease.

In his monthly report to the City Council, Clinton Police Chief Toney Parish said his officers logged 301 events for the month ending Nov. 13. That included 30 citations under the unsafe driving ordinance, six citations for not using seat belts and two for passing stopped school buses. There also were three arrests for possession of a controlled substance, one for possession of drug paraphernalia and one for possession of an instrument of crime. Three people were arrested on shoplifting charges, four for theft, five for theft of motor fuel, two for forgery and three for breaking and entering.