April tax revenues reported

Clinton received $75,703 in revenue from its 1 percent sales tax, collected in April and reported in May. That was down from $81,678 collected in the same period a year ago.

Shirley received $3,453 from its 1 percent tax, which was an increase over the year-ago figure of $2,969.

Damascus received $8,053; it did not receive any in 2012.

Fairfield Bay got $20,239, up slightly from the year ago amount of $20,159, from its 1.5 percent sales tax.

Van Buren County has two 1 percent sales taxes, one for general revenue and one dedicated to construction bonds for the hospital.

The general revenue tax is divided among the county and its four incorporated towns based on population. Those figures for the same period are: Van Buren County, $244,080 (includes both taxes); Clinton, $21,682; Damascus, $2,083; Fairfield Bay, $17,957; and Shirley, $2,425. The revenue is down from a year ago. Those figures were: Van Buren County, $300,317; Clinton, $26,677; Damascus, $2,563; Fairfield Bay, $22,094; and Shirley, $2,983.

Figures are provided by the Arkansas Municipal League.