The Clinton City Council has decided to fight the removal of Highway 330 from the state highway system.

At a special meeting Jan. 24, the council unanimously approved a resolution to "use all efforts, including without limitation, to petition the Arkansas Highway Department to leave unchanged the status of Arkansas Highway 330 as a state-maintained road and that it continue to maintain Highway 330 as it has in the past."

Resolution 2014-02 states that part of Highway 330 is in the city limits and notes the city was not given notice or the opportunity to take part in discussions between the highway department and Van Buren County before the decision was made.

In November, the county agreed to take in parts of Highway 330 and 336 in exchange for the state paying to relocate water lines for two water associations that could not afford to move their lines to make way for the Highway 65 expansion project.

The resolution states that the county does not have the resources to maintain Highway 330 in the same manner in which the state could. The highway provides the city access to its water treatment plant as well as to Greers Ferry Lake, a major tourism destination.

Mayor Roger Rorie told the council he did not want the city to have "any part" in losing the highway’s state road designation and said the city has good legal grounds to stand on.

Also at the special meeting, the council agreed to loan $20,000 to the city parks department to get the softball fields ready for hosting tournaments.