Three members of the Clinton City Council were joined by the mayor to make a quorum at a special meeting Monday afternoon.

The reason for the meeting was sewer problems on School Hill. Sewage has backed up into four homes in the past days and the council wanted to move quickly to fix the problem.

Water Department Manager Isaac Keeling said it would cost $87,250 to fix it. City workers will fix some of the problems, including adding manholes. That work should cost about $14,000.

"It’s all rock up there," Keeling said. "Digging will be tough."

About, $73,000 of the work will need to be bid on, the council decided.

"This project needs done quickly," said Councilman Johnny Moore.

The council voted unanimously to use $87,250 from the department’s infrastructure funds to do the work.

Keeling said after the meeting that when work requires bids that are not published in the newspaper he calls contractors or businesses to see if they would like to bid on the project.

Counselors Nina Baker, Gayla Bradley and Jason Lynch were not at the meeting.