On April 4, the Clinton High School Yellow Jacket band scored superior ratings in the Regional Concert Assessment.

"The band performed accurately and most importantly, with great passion," said band director Jordan Henry who is in his first year at Clinton and second year teaching. "I’m learning as much as the students are. They continue to impress me with each step."

Henry said there have been some hurdles this year, including the loss of former director Michael Wells who stepped into an administrative position at the school, and the number of days lost to inclement weather, which resulted in a lot of missed rehearsals.

The students, Henry said, overcame the obstacles, turning 2013-14 into a "year of excellence, without a doubt.’

In marching season the band scored straight superior ratings, just as they did in concert season. Judges are selected from veteran and high ranking band directors throughout the state and out of state. They judge on a rubric that demands near perfection of a piece of music to get a "1" or superior rating. The bands are scored 1 through 5 with one being the highest.

This year has been monumental for the Clinton band program due to its successes because it did not receive a single "2" from any judge at either Regional Competition, Henry said. This means they earned a Sweepstakes Trophy, the highest award that any band can obtain. It measures the talent, precision, and versatility in a band program. The 2013-2014 school year is the fifth in the history of the band that they have achieved this, Henry said.