The Clinton City Council held a special meeting last week. On the agenda was hiring an administrative assistant.

Mayor Roger Rorie asked the council where in the budget funds for the position would be taken. Councilwoman Gayla Bradley asked newly elected Recorder/Treasurer Dena R. Malone how many hours she needed an assistant. Malone said she recommended the position be full-time, according to unofficial minutes from the meeting. Malone said she had done some checking and several cities, some with less population than Clinton, had full-time assistants.

Councilman Johnny Moore said the position has been both full- and part-time over the past years. Councilwoman Wendy Russ said revenue was more than what the council budgeted, so the money is there. Moore said he felt sales tax revenue is going to decline and others agreed.

Russ made a motion to allot $16,000 out of the surplus for the position, and Sam Ward seconded the motion. The job would be 30 hours per week. The motion passed unanimously.

Rorie said the position had to be that of administrative assistant, not assistant recorder/treasurer, to be legal. He also said he wanted to make clear that he has the hiring and firing authority, according to the minutes. He said the city had been down that road before and he did not want to go there again.

As mayor, Rorie is the city’s chief executive and has authority over department heads and employees. He does not have authority over other elected officials.

Moore said he would like to see the position filled within a couple of weeks.

Also at the Feb. 5 meeting, the council unanimously voted to authorize Rorie, Malone and Moore to sign signature cards for all bank transactions on all city accounts and to remove names of former city officials from the cards.