The county has entered into a contract with Global Foods for the purchase of the old Volex building in Clinton. The Quorum Court passed a resolution at its July 18 meeting to authorize the county judge and county clerk to handle the contractual obligations.

The sale should close by Aug. 15.

"This should put a lot of minds at rest," said Justice of the Peace Dale James. "Global is coming, it’s here, it’s a fact."

Resolution 2013-9 was approved by unanimous vote.

Global Foods announced earlier this year that it would open a facility in Clinton to produce frozen food products. Officials said the facility should open by late August. It will eventually provide 224 jobs, officials said.

A second resolution concerning Global gave it the county‘s endorsement for sales and use tax benefits. Resolution 2013-12 authorized tax refunds to Global.

Also at the meeting:

• The Quorum Court approved a resolution to recognize Sheriff Scott Bradley for his achievement in becoming president of the Arkansas Sheriffs Association.

• Treasurer Kim Hunley gave an update on the money the county still owes on a loan over the sales rebate issue. The amount the county had to pay back to the state was more than $1 million. Hunley said the county had a large deposit of tax collections in June and $200,000 of that, as well as the regular $30,000 monthly payment was applied to the loan. The county is now down to $200,000 to pay back and the payoff date is February 2014.

• Hospital Board of Governors Chairman Donnie Collins said work on the hospital expansion is "basically complete." There are a few details still being worked on, he said.

• JPs unanimously approved an amendment to the Animal Control ordinance passed last month. The amendment exempts hunting dogs from restraint laws and limit’s the number of pets a household can adopt to three over a 12-month period. It authorizes a $180 "pullback" fee for households that have over-adopted.

JP Boogie Bramlett questioned the adoption fees, saying he felt it was better to give a dog to a family than to pay a vet to euthanize it. The ordinance is 2013-10.

• The Quorum Court approved a resolution, 2013-10, to authorize County Judge Roger Hooper to sign an agreement extending Ozark Health’s lease for the county-owned building.

• The body also unanimously approved the appointment of Matt Gilmore to the county equalization board.

• The JPs appropriated grant money to the Solid Waste Department to buy a compartmentalized truck for recycling. The unanimous vote is ordinance 2013-12.

• The JPs also unanimously approved a resolution, 2013-14, to accept bids on selling the Boone Mathis building in downtown Clinton. There was no word at the meeting on a deadline for the bids.