The committee looking into emergency services in Van Buren County met for the fifth time on July 26.

The group of men includes County Judge Roger Hooper who appointed the members, Clinton City Council members, Quorum Court members, and mayors and representatives of Clinton, Shirley, Fairfield Bay and Damascus.

The committee went over its proposal paragraph by paragraph for deciding on an ambulance service for the county.

The group is planning to award an exclusive franchise for five years to a single emergency services provider. The proposal said that subsidies to the company would not be considered at any time. The agreement may be canceled by either party with a 90-day notice.

Under the proposal, Fairfield Bay, Chimes and Scotland would be excluded from the coverage unless EMTs from those areas request help.

Companies interested in getting the franchise will be required to apply in writing. They may request an oral presentation as well, but the decision will be made on the written proposal, the committee said.

County attorney Chris Carnahan is writing the final draft of the proposal. It will be submitted to Hooper who will pass it along to officials from each city for their consideration. Once that is done, the Quorum Court will consider the proposal, likely at its August meeting.