ing a sentence of life without parole after his 2010 conviction in the shotgun slaying of his ex-wife, Orzona Fischer. In court Monday, Jones asked to file a Rule 37 petition, alleging that his counsel made errors in his defense. Jones was represented by Little Rock attorney Bill James.

Monday, Jones told the judge that his attorney “sold me out.” He said his attorney told him not to take an offer from the prosecutor’s office to serve 40 years, and that James did not adequately address the medications Jones was taking. Jones said he was taking eight medications at the time of the slaying and James “based my entire defense on two medications,” and one expert witness.

Clawson set April 22 for a Rule 37 hearing and said Jones will be provided with a public defender.

Also in Circuit Court on Monday, Clawson revoked the bond of David Cook, who is facing multiple drug charges as well as a rape charge.

Cook was free on $75,000 bond when he was arrested at a Conway park in February.

Faulkner County sheriff’s Deputy Darryl Freeman testified about finding Cook in a car at Beaver Fork Park at 7:37 a.m. Feb. 12. The deputy said there was a “nudie woman magazine” in the passenger’s side window and Cook was dressed in a “lady’s spaghetti strap shirt, skirt and pants.” He said Cook had children’s and women’s clothing in his car and testified as to Cook’s actions. He said he charged Cook with sexual misconduct, indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.

Cook’s attorney, Jerry Patterson, questioned why Freeman was in the park that morning. Deputy Prosecutor Graham Jones objected, saying a police officer can be anywhere he wants whenever he wants.

Under further questioning, Freeman said he believed the magazine Cook had was Playboy.

Patterson asked it it were illegal to possess a Playboy magazine.

“No,” Freeman responded.

Patterson then asked if it were illegal to have children’s clothing in a car.

Again, Freeman responded, “No.”

Next, Patterson asked if it were illegal to have women’s clothing in a car.

“No,” Freeman said.

“Thank you, sir!” Patterson said.

Jones argued that Cook was a danger and should not be on the streets. Patterson countered that no crime had been committed at the Conway park and “his bond can’t be set aside.”

Clawson disagreed with Patterson, saying that based on the officer’s testimony Cook’s bond was being revoked. He said if the Faulkner County charges are disposed of, the issue of bond would be revisited. In the meantime, he ordered a psychiatric evaluation of Cook.