A Greenbrier man has been charged in a burglary at a Choctaw home.

Homeowner Joe Tsosie reported on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013, that he was viewing on his cell phone a burglary at his home through his surveillance system, according to court documents.

The surveillance video showed a white male with a pony-tail and a hat. The suspect took several items from the porch and then went to the shop area where he took several other items, according to the sheriff’s office and the documents. The suspect then left in a white Ford passenger car.

Investigators were able to make an identification of the suspect after a call was made to the Conway County sheriff’s office. Investigators there told the sheriff’s office that the person on the video was Darren Hayes of Greenbrier.

A call to Faulkner County’s criminal investigation division provided the Van Buren County sheriff’s office with an address for Hayes, according to the news release.

Hayes, 46, admitted taking the items, according to the sheriff’s office. He told investigators he had traded the items for some vehicle parts, the documents state. He would not cooperate in locating the man he traded the items to, according to court documents. The sheriff’s office reported that the items were later recovered and returned to the rightful owner.

According to the court papers, Hayes told investigators he had originally gone to the Choctaw house to take a generator but it would not fit in his car.

Hayes is being charges with breaking or entering, a Class D felony, and Theft of Property, a Class A misdemeanor. He has been released from the Van Buren County Detention Center on a $10,000 bond.