Members of the Ozark Chapter of the International Pilot Association EAA, flew into North Little Rock from local airports on Saturday, June 8.

They were then transported by van to the Little Rock Air Force Base, where Maj. Kenda Garrett led them on a tour through the amazing workhorse of the 62nd Squadron Airlift group, the C-130 Hercules.

The Ozark Chapter, based in Clinton, saw a large, busy base that houses not only a huge group of C-130s, but also a highly experienced, dedicated military staff.

The trip was a reminder of the large role that the Little Rock base plays in the training of Air Force personnel who then go on to serve around the world. Garrett trains C-130 pilots at the base and her background includes tours as a C-130 pilot in Japan, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. She is the daughter of Ken and Fran Blair who recently joined the Holley Mountain Airpark community in Clinton.

Military personnel gave of their time to answer the questions of their visitors, most of whom were general aviation pilots and some were retired military.