Dear Editor:

While this may not be the typical "letter to the editor," since it may somehow seem directed at the newspaper, I assure you that it most certainly is not in anyway directed at anyone specifically. I am just a concerned and curious individual. I have lived in Clinton for 14 years now and while it has been a much smaller community than what I have been used to, it has some qualities that make it hard to leave. One thing that makes it no different than any other community is the fact that we have hard-working people here who want nothing but the best for their children. That being said, I met my husband here and we have a child who has been in the Clinton School District for some years now. Our child has done very well and has earned herself many awards for her academic efforts; along with many other children who work very hard to achieve not only academically but in other areas as well.

Of course I read the newspaper but in all of these years, I have noticed that I have never seen my child’s or any other child’s picture in the Van Buren County Democrat. I did, however, notice that other schools in the surrounding areas have their children noticed quite often for various achievements. So it just makes me wonder, since it is one of the larger schools in the Van Buren County district, why not Clinton?

My child will soon be grown and gone to start life of her own somewhere as most do. But before she starts a new generation and before I go to buy this week’s paper, could we all just ponder on this thought for a moment. Why is it that drug arrests, criminal acts, and tragedies can make their way to the front page of the paper, but our children, the future of America, cannot even get a little space somewhere in the back of our community news. We have enough negativity in our world and why should it take precedence over positive act and to people who put their whole life into helping their children learn how to accomplish them?

Dana Grantham


(Editor’s note: This letter was baffling because the Democrat prominently and routinely features photographs and articles about students at all three of our county schools. A subsequent review of the first three months of this year’s papers turned up the following: Not counting any photos from South Side or Shirley schools and not even counting photographs of Clinton baseball, basketball or football teams, there were 14 photographs of Clinton students in the newspaper. Those photographs included after school programs, EAST lab, Family and Consumer Sciences, band, art classes, Beta club, weight lifters and visits from emergency personnel. Most of the photographs are submitted by teachers or other school officials while others come from parents, grandparents and students themselves. The Democrat, as always, welcomes these photos. As far as publishing articles on courts, crime, tragedies and government on the front page, the Democrat offers no apologies and plans no changes.)