The Van Buren County Quorum Court unanimously passed its 2014 budget ordinance, No. 2013-21, at a special meeting Dec. 30, 2013. All of the justices of the peace were present.

The budget appropriated $6,024,065.27 for general revenue; $4,439,501.54 for county roads; and $13,354,441.82 in total appropriations.

Appropriated for the sheriff’s office was $1,156,552.51, and for the detention center $1,020,075.17.

Appropriated for some other county offices were: Collector’s office, $250,748.79; Treasurer’s office, $113,797.76; Assessor/Appraiser’s office, $441,923.75; County Judge’s office, $62,081.87; County Clerk, $147,172.44; Circuit Clerk, $357,462.23; Animal Control, $131,900.35.

Some miscellaneous appropriations included: Arkansas Children’s Hosptal, $9,500; Choctaw Special School, $38,000; The C.A.L.L., Ministrial Alliance, Choctaw Food Bank and Foods for Life, $950 each; various fire departments, $111,575; Rescue Squad, $21,850; Scot-Van Corp., $12,345; and Senior Citizzens, $105,000.

In discussion after the ordinance was read by JP Dale James, it was noted that county employees did not get raises this year. James said if money becomes available later in the year, he would like to see employees get a one-time payment.

JP Robert "Bogie" Bramlett said the workers are what make the county and wonders why the employees don’t get a raise up front and then deal with the rest of the budget. James Kirkendoll said that was just not possible this year.

The county currently has 118 employees, James said.

The justices of the peace praised department heads who made cuts in their budgets, most by 5 percent.

To read the entire 2014 Van Buren County Budget, see Page 6B