Wendy Russ has announced her candidacy for the position of mayor of the city of Clinton.

"For six years I have been blessed to serve as a member of the Clinton City Council. I am eager to continue serving our community in a greater capacity as mayor," Russ said.

"I have been privileged to listen to the residents of Clinton express their concerns and desires to better our community. I’ve helped plan the city budget every year, understand municipal procedures and regulations, and have years of experience with contract law," Russ said. "Clinton needs a mayor with experience who, from day one, understands the city’s current challenges and how to leverage its strengths and assets immediately."

A graduate of Clinton High School and University of Arkansas-Fayetteville, Russ says she spent time exploring the world outside her hometown. "After seeing the big city and traveling outside the United States, my husband and I came back here to live and work and raise our two sons. We could choose to live anywhere. We chose Clinton."

In addition to serving on the City Council, Russ has been a child advocate in the court system, a volunteer in several civic organizations and has aided in many community projects. Russ is current chair of We Love VBC, a volunteer group interested in revitalizing downtown Clinton and bolstering small businesses county-wide.

"I believe people need their voices to be heard," Russ said. "When it comes to the government it is easy for citizens to be discouraged and think that nothing they do matters, that their needs and desires don’t matter. But they do. One person can make a difference. I want everyone to feel like they have a voice."