The Shirley City Council opened up its pocketbook at its regular meeting earlier this month.

After storm damage last month, the city has been looking into insurance options. Mayor Johnny Sowell told the council that the city’s insurance through the Municipal League had a deductible of $5,000. He stated that he had called to question the availability of a lower deductible and was told that $5,000 was standard deductible.

City Clerk Melissa Worthing said damage to the Community Center totaled $1,477.84 less depreciation and the center had no coverage that included the flagpole or outbuildings. The city museum’s coverage was separate, and with Columbia Insurance Group, with a $500 deductible. That building’s damage totaled $1,899.96 less depreciation and deductible leaving a net payment of $819.

Sowell suggested seeing if the Arkansas Association of Counties insured municipalities also. Worthing said she would check on that as well as suggestions from council members about other companies.

Sowell told councilors he has received the final drawings and plans and cost estimates for the Fun Park Grant project. He said that to include the required swings (separate for babies and older children), as well as a bench and other items, the cost came in at $47,980.78. The amount of the grant was $45,000, less the required $5,000 in engineering fees. He stated that, although there were no matching requirements, he would like the council to consider paying the $7,980.78 out of the Grant Matching Fund in order to complete the project. The complete project cost was to include a 16x20 pavilion next to the playground, as well as a 40x40 basketball court behind the city’s existing pavilion and include the required parking and sidewalks.

The council unanimously voted in favor of a motion to pay the additional $7,980.78 to complete project out of the city’s Grant Matching Fund.

Also at the meeting, Sowell reported that he had received the final cost for the damage to the bucket truck the city borrowed from Stone County to use during the June storm damage clean up. The repair cost was $4,149, and, he was told, this could not be turned in on the fire department insurance because though the fire chief was operating the vehicle, it was being used for city purposes. He suggested paying the cost out of the Water Department, as the majority of the clean up was in the department’s right-of-ways. The council unanimously approved paying the $4,149 for the repairs out of the Water Department funds.

Also at the July 16 meeting, Worthing told the council that the Main Street Kids 4-H Group, which ran the concession stand for the 2012 Summer Baseball /Softball Season, netted $3,028.58 for their half of the profit. Worthing also said gate fees brought in $1,089 for the season.

The council agreed to discuss plans for a fall festival at its next meeting, which will be 7 p.m. Aug. 13 at the Shirley Community Center.